Nutrition Consultations


I am currently working full-time as a nutritionist, with two days per week dedicated to clinical consultations. I see clients through Feel Fresh Nutrition, located in the central Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn, working one-on-one with individuals or couples, of all ages and health concerns.

A foundation of my practice as a nutritionist is to never take a one-size fits all approach - after all, we're all so different! I believe it's important to tailor recommendations to suit the individual, taking into account not just a person's health and wellness concerns, but also their budget, lifestyle and time constraints, to create a tailored practical plan together, that's sustainable in the long-run. Sustainability is key in turning anything into a lifestyle, and that's what I want health to be for my clients - a lifestyle. 

If you would like more information or to book a consult click here to be taken to the Feel Fresh Nutrition website (note: due to studying abroad I will be open again for new clients in December) . Beyond consultations, our team is also available for corporate wellness events/seminars - drop us a line on the website for more information or if you'd like to organise for us to come into your workplace.

If you'd like chat some more about how I can help you, please email me at

My formal qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Human Nutrition and Physiology (Massey University, NZ)

  • Registered Nutritionist (Nutrition Society of New Zealand, NSNZ)

  • ISAK level one (Auckland University of Technology, NZ)


"I booked in with Danijela during a difficult time, and she welcomed me with positivity and compassion. My struggle with hormonal issues (PCOS), and anxiety disorder had left me feeling defeated. Danijela’s approach to my personal nutrition and overall wellness was attentively tailored to suit the needs of my body. She equipped me with the knowledge to support my blood sugar levels, and mindfulness to reduce the stress my body was experiencing – I haven’t felt this balanced and positive for a very long time.
Danijela is truly a passionate and insightful professional. I am working everyday towards my equilibrium, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Danijela’s expertise and support. I am so grateful to Danijela, and would recommend her to anyone struggling with health or weight issues."
Greta A, aged 23  (PCOS client)

"Danijela is truly passionate in her approach to helping her clients achieve optimal health. She has helped me with digestive and gut issues (IBS) taking me through the process of eliminating many foods followed by the reintroduction of testing which foods I could or could not tolerate, I haven’t felt so well for many many years. I couldn’t have achieved such incredible results without the skilled expertise of Danijela. I'd certainly recommend her."
Barbara P, aged 77 (Digestive health client)

"While everything Danijela advised worked well and was fun, I wish to specifically point out that her genuine curiosity and patience to understand and learn about about her client, and then personalise recommendations, was truly special."
Rohit A (Detox client)

"I highly recommend Danijela. I came to her as I was totally confused about my diet, keeping in mind I travel often and have a family of men to feed! She altered the diet to suit me, and her suggestions and ides were brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble. I feel so much more positive about life after seeing her."
Tanya N (Kidney health client)

"After 39 years of thinking I know everything about food and training, I decided to add the advice of a nutritionist to my training. I didn’t have high expectations and honestly thought I would be throwing my money away. At the completion of my first 10 week training block with Danijela’s nutritional
guidance, I had a six pack for the first time in my life, my eczema was gone, I had way more energy and felt in the best form of my life. Danijela’s style and input made me achieve a goal that I didn’t think was possible and has given me (and my family) life changing tools and new perspective on the role of choices in food and nutrition. I couldn’t recommend Danijela more to anybody wanting to get more out of their body and life – it was one of the best investments I’ve made."
Matt O (Weight-loss client)