Food Diary

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A food diary is a tool for tracking what you eat. It can help develop an awareness of eating habits (e.g. meal timings, how much you eat, preferred foods, nutrient intake, emotional eating), as well as keep you accountable to your health goals (e.g. weight management/gain/loss, eating more veggies). Reflecting on your food diary can provide insight and direction on small interventions to make to your eating habits - which can lead to big changes over time. Here are tips for keeping a food diary:

  • For accuracy, be specific with portions. Estimate where needed.
  • For best recollection jot what you eat as you go, otherwise at the end of the day while it's still fresh in your mind!
  • It is not necessary for most people to keep a day-to-day food diary - however, if you have specific goals, you may find it a useful tool for keeping on track, accountable to goals and motivated.