Hi, I'm Danijela.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a nutritionist by trade, and hugely fascinated by food and the power it has on our health. This naturally sparked a career in nutrition, where I'm deeply passionate about educating others on the power of positive dietary and lifestyle changes. 

My food philosophy - is centered around celebrating foods in their natural state, or close to it. Here they're brimming with nutrients that support health.
While my nutrition training makes me a little pragmatic,  I’m a total foodie and adore cooking, eating and anything food related. I love chocolate, and eat it regularly.  I don't like restriction, putting foods in good/bad piles, or having foods off-limits. Life is short, eat the cake - but keep in mind, quality of life is important too! I believe great health is built on consistency, not perfectionism. 

Why a blog - although health and wellness is something I'm passionate about, I didn't once walk the talk, and was living off a trio of convenience sugary foods, stress and late nights. My body rebelled, manifesting in an odd condition called New Daily Persistent Headache syndrome, characterised by an ongoing headache - basically I had a 24/7 headache that would never go away! Chronic pain is difficult, and my physical and mental health took a toll.

Eventually I picked myself up and attempted a total revamp on how I was living life - I committed to a healthier diet, moved my body more, practised stress management, and tried my best to focus more on the good, rather than the bad. Fortunately my health improved. During this time I created the Instagram account @healthyalways , as a place to keep myself accountable and committed to my health, and share meal ideas from culinary endeavours. This blog is an extension of this, and I hope it may provide inspiration to you, whether in the kitchen or mind. 

As for right now - I'm currently working full-time across community and clinical nutrition. Within the community I'm based at a care and protection facility for children and young people in South Auckland. Here I manage a food education program, teaching gardening and healthy cooking skills to a wide age-range of youth. In nutrition practise, I'm available for nutrition consultations through Feel Fresh Nutrition. Click here for more on clinical consultations.