Hi, I'm Danijela.

I'm a nutritionist by trade, and hugely fascinated by food and the power it has on our health. This naturally sparked a career in nutrition, where I am passionate about educating others on the power of positive dietary and lifestyle changes. 

My food philosophy - is centered around celebrating real foods, which are foods in their natural state, or close to it. Here they're brimming with nutrients that support our health.
While my nutrition training makes me a little pragmatic,  I’m also a total foodie and adore cooking, eating and anything food-related. I love chocolate, so I eat it regularly.  I don't like restriction, putting foods in good/bad piles, or having foods off-limits. I aim to eat to feel good, which usually means plenty of nutrient-dense foods most of the time, and then indulging in other foods that light me up when I feel like it. Life is short, eat the cake - but keep in mind, that quality of life is important too! Great health is built on consistency, not perfectionism. 

Why a blog - Although health and wellness is something I'm passionate about, I didn’t previously walk the talk, and was once living off a trio of convenience sugary foods, stress and late nights. Eventually my body rebelled, manifesting in an odd condition called New Daily Persistent Headache syndrome, characterised by an ongoing tension-type headache - basically I had a 24/7 headache that would never go away! Chronic pain is difficult, and both my physical and mental health took a toll.

Eventually I picked myself up and attempted a total revamp on how I was living my life - I committed to a healthier diet, moved my body more, practised stress management, and tried my best to focus more on the good, rather than the bad. Fortunately my health improved. During this time I created the Instagram account @healthyalways , as a place to keep myself accountable to my own health, and share nutritional ideas and recipes from culinary endeavours. My blog became an extension of this, and I hope it will provide some inspiration to you too, whether in the kitchen or mind. 

As for right now - I'm currently working full-time as a nutritionist both in the community and in nutrition practise. Within the community I'm based at a care and protection facility for children and young people in South Auckland. Here I manage a food education program, teaching gardening and healthy cooking skills to a wide age-range of youth. In nutrition practise I am available for nutrition consultations through Feel Fresh Nutrition. Click here for more on clinical consultations. 

I am a proud ambassador for SKIN by Ecostore.